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Completed MSC projects

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Karin Odin & Sofia Rokkones2020The effect of vessel holes on fracture behavior in the femoral neck of the human femur [pdf, 320 kb]
Martina Tognini2019Prediction of fracture propagation in human femur using the finite element method with heterogeneous properties
Karin Yip & Meral Hussein2018Towards using deep learning to predict fracture risk from dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry images [pdf, 320 kb]
Isabella Silva Barreto2018Nano-imaging of mineralization in developing long bones [pdf, 133 kb]
Frida Bengtsson2018Prediction of fracture propagation in human femur using the finite element method [pdf, 420 kb]
Jenny Tiliander & Therese Johansson2018Generation of a statistical model of the anatomy of human pelvises [pdf, 328 kb]
Hannicka Sahlstedt2018Characterization of normal osteoporotic femoral anatomy in pediatric patients using statistical shape models [pdf, 480 kb]
Christina Rönngren2017Fractography, mechanical and structural analysis of trabecular bone from the femoral head of human cadavers [pdf, 256 kb]
Annika Lövgren2017The effects of unloading on Achilles tendon composition [pdf, 124 kb]
Elin Törnquist2017Segmentation, analysis, and modelling of microstructure in cortical bone based on X-ray microtomography [pdf, 212 kb]
Julia Kamml2017Validation of finite element models of composite bones in a sideways load configuration
Oskars Radzinski2017Mechanical properties of rat femoral bone after spinal cord injury
Matilda Åkerblom2016Biomekanisk analys av stabilisering för proximala humerusfrakturer [pdf, 209 kb]
Hillevi Johansson2015Smart sensor for wrist movements [pdf, 298 kb]
Giacomo Longo2015Three-dimensional constitutive finite element model of the Achilles tendon [pdf, 180 kb]
Alexander Wingård2014Mechanical analysis of a stress fracture: A finite element multiscale model of a surgical treatment [pdf, 104 kb]
Anna Gustafsson2014A fibre-reinforced poroviscoelastic finite element model for the Achilles tendon [pdf, 20 kb]
Alexander Thesleff2013Stress fracture at the anterior tibia: A finite element analysis of adaptive healing over time [pdf, 57 kb]
Nies Lugo2013Estimation of cortical bone strength using finite element analyses: the role of elastic properties, image resolution and bone [pdf, 173 kb]
Malin Ahlgren2013Investigation of yield and fracture criteria in composite femur bone using finite element methods [pdf, 34 kb]
Emil Fågelberg2012Mechanical analysis of tibial stress fractures: A finite element study investigating the potential of a new surgical treatment [pdf, 165 kb]