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21 december 2023

In a collaboration between Department of Biomedical Engineering, LTH, Clinical Sciences, Malmö, LU, and Region Skåne;  Magnus Cinthio, Isabel Goncalves, and Tobias Erlöv have been awarded MSEK 3 during 2024-2025 for the project "Novel ultrasound-based method to detect atherosclerotic plaques that cause strokes and heart attacks". [...]

8 november 2023

Today we congratulate ten recipients of grants from the Swedish Research Council (VR), FORMAS, Stiftelsen för Bistånd, and the Future Innovation Award: Christian Antfolk (MSEK 1.9) and Nebojsa Malesevic (MSEK 1.5): Stiftelsen för Bistånd. Wei Qiu, FORMAS, High-performance lead-free ultrasonic devices for high-power applications, MSEK 4. Magnus [...]

2 november 2023

  Magnus Cinthio is awarded MSEK 2 from the Mats Paulssons Foundation for the project Estimation of microcirculation in atherosclerotic plaques using ultrasound. Photo: Mats Paulsson with Magnus Cinthio.

22 mars 2023

The project New measurement method for road quality control has been nominated for the Swedish Building Industry's Innovation of the Year award as one of three projects. Josefin Starkhammar built all software and hardware. Nils Ryden, PEAB, was the project leader. Henrik Bjurström and Anders Gudmarsson performed measurements. The winner will be [...]


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