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VINNOVA grant to Neuroengineering

Christian Antfolk and Nebojsa Malesevic from the Neuroengineering group have been awarded a three-year 2.5 MSEK grant from VINNOVA for a bi-lateral collaboration project (AFFECT) with Prof. Sivakumar Balasubramanian at the Dept....[more]


Promobilia Foundation grant to Neuroengineering

Christian Antfolk, Nebojsa Malesevic and Fredrik Sebelius from the Neuroengineering group at BME have been awarded a five-year 12.1 MSEK grant from the Promobilia Foundation for the study of EMG control, sensory feedback, and...[more]


Fungal foraging in chip as poem

Every week science communication researcher Sam Illingworth picks an article to write a poem about and present in his podcast “The Poetry of Science”. This week he picked the latest article from the SoilChip project, where...[more]


BME commended in research quality evaluation

The outcome of the research quality evaluation at Lund University (RQ20) was positive for the BME department, commended for excellent research output, active collaboration with the medical faculty leading to new research lines,...[more]


ERC grant to Hanna Isaksson

Professor Hanna Isaksson has been awarded MSEK 20 by the European Research Council, ERC,  for the study of the biomechanics and mechanobiology of Achilles tendon ruptures using data from the MAX IV synchrotron and advanced...[more]


Paper in Nature Biotechnology

Agnete Kirkeby and colleagues from Lund University and Copenhagen University, in collaboration with engineers Thomas Laurell and Marc Isaksson at LTH, built a stem cell model mimicking early phasesof human brain...[more]


Per Augustsson, Future Leader

Per Augustsson has been awarded the Future Research Leader grant from the Swedish Foundation for Stategic Research. Per receives MSEK 12 and a leadership training program for his project on acoustic gradient focusing. Link to...[more]


Thomas Laurell, Distinguished Professor

The Swedish Research Council has awarded Thomas Laurell the Distinguished Professor Grant. As one of eight awarded this year, and the only one from Lund, Laurell has been awarded MSEK 48 for the period 2019-2029....[more]


Frida Sandberg gets SSF grant

Frida Sandberg has in collaboration with Mikael Wallman at Fraunhofer Chalmers research center for industrial mathematics (FCC) received a grant from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) funding a research...[more]


Swedish Research Council Awards to BME

Congrats to Hanna Isaksson, Christian Antfolk, and Frida Sandberg who all were awarded Project Grants from the Swedish Research Council.[more]


Professor Hanna Isaksson

Hanna Isaksson will be installed as Professor during a formal ceremony in the main Auditorium on October 18, 16:00.The ceremony is open to the...[more]


Per Augustsson awarded ERC StG

Per Augustsson has been awarded a MEUR 2 ERC Starting Grant for ultrasonic blood component separation.[more]


Atrial fibrillation in Expressen

The PhD work of Mikael Henriksson on atrial fibrillation receives attention in Expressen (article in Swedish). [more]


Interview with Per Augustsson

Acoustic streaming re-discovered after 150 years.Read the interview with Per Augustsson here (Swedish).[more]


Minisymposium: Microfluidics in Life Sciences, April 11

Minisymposium: Microfluidics in Life Sciences, Thursday April 11, BMC I1345, 13:00-17:00, Keynote speaker: Professor Mehmet Toner, Harvard Medical School,  Clinical Microfluidics: Complex Bodily Fluids and Large Volumes....[more]


BioMEP graduate school meeting at BME 27 Feb - 1 March

The EU-financed COFUND graduate school in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, BioMEP  involving about 35 researchers, will meet in Lund 27 Feb - 1 March for its second yearly meeting. The exciting programme involves...[more]


MY-ATRIA Winter School

The EU-financed multidisciplinary training network for atrial fibrillation monItoring, treatment and progression (MY-ATRIA), involving 25 researchers, meets this week at BME for a series of expert lectures and planning of...[more]


Hamid Behjat gets VR postdoc grant

The Swedish Research Council has December 4 awarded Hamid Behjat an international postdoc fellowship, with a total financing of MSEK 3,15 over three years. Hamid is one of the 41 researchers that have been granted this fellowship...[more]


Master's Thesis Award

Valentina Vitali and Giulia Core have been awarded LTHs Jubileumsstipendie for a particularly outstanding Master's Thesis conducted at the Department of Biomedical Engineering. The title of the thesis is “Method for selecting...[more]


BME spin-off company product on best innovation's list

Acouwash, a new product by the BME spin-off company Acousort AB, is featured on the 'best innovations 2018' list by the journal The Scientist. Acouwash uses ultrasound to temporarily fixate cells for washing. See the list here. [more]

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