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Research Activity Resume

Marko-Varga is the head of the Head of Div. Clinical Protein Science & Imaging at the Biomedical Center, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Lund University, and Professor at the 1st Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, Tokyo, Japan.

Marko-Varga has been within Big Pharma for 18 years, in Drug-, Discovery/Development in lead positions. György has published more than 240 papers in international peer reviewed journals, edited 3 books, and co-authored 17 books, and have filed 22 patent applications in Europe as well as worldwide.

Marko-Varga started 1993 as a Lead Scientist in a collaboration with the Nobel Prize winner Bengt Samuelsson, Karolinska Institute, on inflammation studies. Marko-Varga was responsible for IRESSA Protein Biomarker Discovery studies in Japan (2005-2009) with 52 Lung Cancer Clinical Centres throughout Japan, the biggest Biomarker study activities in the industry with 4,000 patients.

Marko-Varga is also Editorial board member of additionally 9 international journals. As a longstanding member (20 years) of the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Drug Analysis Section), I have organized and lead more than 25 conferences, coerces and workshops, the latest as the President of the 3rd European Proteomics Congress in Stockholm June, 2009. He had 14 PhD students, 6 Licenciate students over a 19 year period, and more than 25 diploma students and post docs, both within Academia, (1996-2011), at the Natural Science-, Technical-, and Medical- Faculties, and within AstraZeneca. Marko-Varga is responsible for Biobank and Biomarker developments within the ?Big 3" study: Lung Cancer-Cardiovascular Diseases-, and COPD with 100,000 patients and 5 Million samples (2010-2014) within the R&D Center at the Regional hospital.

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