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In 2015 Lea moved to Lund to study Engineering Physics at LTH and spent one semester abroad in Vienna, Austria. During her master’s she focused heavily on computational mechanics which lead to a Master Thesis at Tetra Pak where she used Fluid-Structure interaction (FSI) to simulate how paper clippings behave in a pipe flow. In January 2021 she graduated from LTH and started working at the University Hospital in Lund where she used FSI to start building a simulation model for simulating heart valves as part of a 6-month project employment. In October 2021 she started her PhD studies at the Department of Biomedical Engineering in tight collaboration with the Hospital in Lund to further develop simulation models on heart valves for children born with heart disease. 


M.Sc. Engineering Physics, Computational Mechanics, Lund University, Sweden (2021)

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