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Book Chapters

  • H. Behjat, D. Van De Ville. Spectral design of signal-adapted tight frames on graphs. In Vertex-Frequency Analysis of Graph Signals, ch. 4, 2019. DOI | pdf


  • H. Behjat, C-F Westin, I. Aganj. Cortical Surface-Informed Volumetric Spatial Smoothing of fMRI Data via Graph Signal Processing. bioRxiv:10.1101/2021.05.04.442605, 2021. bioRxiv

  • S. Maghsadhagh, J.L. Dalboni da Rocha, J. Benner, P. Schneider, N. Golestani*, H. Behjat*. A Discriminative Characterization of Heschl’s Gyrus Morphology using Spectral Graph Features. bioRxiv:10.1101/2021.05.04.442618, 2021. bioRxiv

Journal Articles

  • D. Abramian, M. Larsson, A. Eklund, I. Aganj, C-F Westin, H. Behjat. Diffusion-Informed Spatial Smoothing of fMRI Data in White Matter Using Spectral Graph Filters. NeuroImage, 2021. DOI | pdf

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  • H. Behjat, N. Leonardi, L. Sörnmo, D. Van De Ville. Anatomically-adapted graph wavelets for improved group-level fMRI activation mapping. NeuroImage, 2015. DOI | pdf

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

  • H. Behjat, I. Aganj, D. Abramian, A. Eklund, C-F Westin. Characterization of spatial dynamics of fMRI data in white matter using diffusion-informed white matter harmonics. IEEE ISBI, 2020. DOI | pdf

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  • H. Behjat, N. Leonardi, D. Van De Ville. Statistical parametric mapping of functional MRI data using wavelets adapted to the cerebral cortex. IEEE ISBI, San Francisco, 2013. DOI | pdf

Peer-reviewed Conference Abstracts

  • H. Behjat, M. Larsson, D. Abramian, L. Sörnmo, D. Van De Ville. GWSPM: A toolbox for graph wavelet-based statistical parametric mapping. OHBM, Singapore, 2018. poster

  • D. Abramian, M. Larsson, H. Behjat. Diffusion-adapted spatial filtering of fMRI data for improved activation mapping in white matter. OHBM, Singapore, 2018. poster

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  • H. Behjat, N. Leonardi, L. Sörnmo, D. Van De Ville. fMRI activation mapping using wavelet-based SPM integrated with gray-matter graphs. OHBM, Hamburg, 2014. poster