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Welcome to the ultrasound group’s web page

Since the days of Helmuth Hertz and Inge Edler the department has on-going research in the ultrasound field ranging from biology and medicine to transducer and ultrasound methodology. Today our research focus on Marine biosonar, Magnetomotive ultrasound imaging, Tissue motion estimation and Ultrasound methodologies for cardiovascular research. 



Josefin Starkhammar funded by ONR Global

ONR Global helps fund Josefin Starkhammar's project 'In vivo CT-based finite element model of echolocation beam formation' for two years.External link to more detailed...[more]


BME commended in research quality evaluation

The outcome of the research quality evaluation at Lund University (RQ20) was positive for the BME department, commended for excellent research output, active collaboration with the medical faculty leading to new research lines,...[more]


Paper in Nature Biotechnology

Agnete Kirkeby and colleagues from Lund University and Copenhagen University, in collaboration with engineers Thomas Laurell and Marc Isaksson at LTH, built a stem cell model mimicking early phasesof human brain...[more]


Per Augustsson, Future Leader

Per Augustsson has been awarded the Future Research Leader grant from the Swedish Foundation for Stategic Research. Per receives MSEK 12 and a leadership training program for his project on acoustic gradient focusing. Link to...[more]


Thomas Laurell, Distinguished Professor

The Swedish Research Council has awarded Thomas Laurell the Distinguished Professor Grant. As one of eight awarded this year, and the only one from Lund, Laurell has been awarded MSEK 48 for the period 2019-2029....[more]

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