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Lab facilities

The Neuroengineering lab

In our lab we have an OTBioelettronica Quattrocento, which is a 400 channel desktop bioelectrical amplifier. It can be used to record EMG and EEG signals. 


We have a custom-built force rig (9-DoF) that can record forces exerted by the hand. It has 9 S215 strain gauges with associated signal conditioning capable of measuring forces when extending and flexing all fingers. It has two force sensor to measure thumb forces and three sensors to measure forces exerted by the wrist. 3-D printed finger braces allows for the use of the device irrespective of hand size. We also have a single DoF force sensing device (Mark-10 M5-20).


We have several prosthetic/robotic hands at our disposal (2 x Otto Bock SensorHand Speed, 2 x Touchbionics roboLimb). We also have a custom-made splint that enables able-bodied subject to use the devices. We also have sensorised solutions for most of the prosthetic/robotic hands. We also have some 3-D printed motorized hands.


In the lab we also have 3 x Thalmic Myo, that can record 8-channel EMG and transmit wirelessly through Bluetooth. We have 2 x CyberGlove (left/right) that can record hand and finger kinematics. Furthemore, we have several data-acquisition modules (eg. NI Virtual Bench x 2, Digilent Analog Discovery x 2, NI-USB 6218, NI-USB 6341, Siglent SDS1102X Oscilloscope). We have a Leap Motion Motion Controller, Oculus Rift Headset, 3D Systems Sense 3D scanner. We also have an XSENS MVN-Awinda Wireless fullbody motion capture system. In the lab we have several high-peformance computers (eg. 32-core AMD CPU) and GPU (eg. RTX 3090, Titan V).

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