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Clinical Protein Science and Imaging

Our research team is involved in clinical studies where we study the expression and analysis of proteins with key regulating functions in disease. The pathology status in cancer diseases as well as others and disease evolvement is related to specific disease mechanisms where we discover proteins that are linked to the disease. 
We are also performing drug studies with pharmaceutical industry where we investigate the drug impact in disease and how it relates to protein modifications and protein expression alteration. Biobanking is a linked research area we are engaged in, where we handle patient samples with dedicated protocols in collaboration with local hospitals as well as health care institutions around the world. Sample integrity and control of sample quality is the objectives in our Biobank developments, handling both blood samples, as well as sample processing of patient tissues. 
Drug Imaging by mass spectrometry is also a key area where we develop new methodologies and technologies in order to describe the mechanisms of drug action, as well as the drug metabolites formed within different organs of patients and disease models.

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