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Sorted cells as sound art


Per Augustsson

Per Augustsson was contacted by the Sound Environment Centre, which belongs to Lund University. Per and colleagues work with ultrasound, which a human ear cannot hear. After explaining the process to the artist Julia, she made an interpretation of what it would sound like if you could hear what is going on in a channel for cell separation.

The sound work can be listened to at the Sound Bench, which stands outside the Sound Environment Centre on Helgonavägen in Lund. Per has paid a visit to listen.

"It's not something that's part of my normal everyday life, I find it super exciting and I'm open to being interpreted more times by other types of artists", says Per Augustsson.

The work is called "Acoustofluidics" and is open to the public until 24 April 2022. Sound artist Julia Rakel Öjbrandt Wikenmo has composed the artwork based on the BME-researcher Per Augustsson’s work on acoustic separation of cells.
More about the Sound Bench on the Sound Environment Centre’s website (External link):


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