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Fungal foraging in chip as poem


A fungal hypha stuck in a corner

Every week science communication researcher Sam Illingworth picks an article to write a poem about and present in his podcast “The Poetry of Science”. This week he picked the latest article from the SoilChip project, where Kristin Aleklett and Edith Hammer from Microbial Ecology together with Pelle Ohlsson and Martin Bengtsson from BME have used microfluidic chips to study the different “personalities” of fungal hyphae when they figure out how to pass obstacles in their search for food.

External link to article:
Aleklett, K., Ohlsson, P., Bengtsson, M. and Hammer, E. C. Fungal foraging behaviour and hyphal space exploration in micro-structured Soil Chips. ISME J (2021).

Poem by Sam Illingworth (external link):


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