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Upcoming courses LP2

Overview of the courses offered by BME in the first period (LP2) of the autumn of 2019. The course code link will take you to the official LTH listing while the course name link will take you to the department course page.


Name Course code HP Level Programmes Language LP
Biomedical Measurements EEMF05 7.5 G2 BME, D, E, F, N, Pi E1 2
Clinical Chemical Diagnostics EEMF10 5 G2 BME E1 2
Computerised Measurement Systems EEMN10 7.5 A BME, D, E, F, N E1 2
EMC, Noise and Noise Reduction EEMN05 7.5 A BME, D, E, F E1 2
Signal separation – independent components BMEN15 7.5 A BME, C, D, E, F, MWIR, Pi E 2
Tissue Biomechanics BMEN10 7.5 A BME, F, MD, N, Pi E 2
Biomedical Design EEMA01 9 G1 BME S 2-3
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