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Upcoming courses LP1

Overview of the courses offered by BME in the first period (LP1) of the autumn. The course code link will take you to the official LTH listing while the course name link will take you to the department course page.

NameCourse codeHPLevelProgramsLanguageLP
BiomechanicsBMEN057,5AE, F, M, MD, N, PiE1
Introduction to Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-chip SystemsEEMN217,5ABME, E, F, NE11
Sensors and MeasurementsEEMF157,5G2BMES1
Transducer TechnologyBMEF107,5G2BME, D, E, F, IEA, NS1
Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

Optimal and adaptive signal processing


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