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Ongoing thesis projects

Kartläggning av Prestanda samt Optimering av Visualisering för Algoritm Nyttjad för Magnetomotoriskt Ultraljud
Handledare: Tomas Jansson

A Phantom Validation Study of Four-Dimensional Flow Measurements with Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Hepatic Blood Distribution
Handledare: Magnus Cinthio

Using phase contrast enhanced synchotron X-ray tomography of human meniscus to determine collagen fiber alignment during in-situ loading
Handledare: Maria Pierantoni

Biträdande handledare: Hector Dejea

An ML-Ops Pipeline for Clinical Decision Support Applications
Handledare: Martin Stridh

Association of a Wristband PPG and an ECG Sensor - Analysis, Synchronization and Robustness
Handledare: Frida Sandberg

Simulating metal CT artefacts for ground truth generation in deep learning
Handledare: Einar Heiberg

Biomechanical investigation of the efficacy and perceived performance of orthotic devices in patients with osteoarthritis
Handledare: Lorenzo Grassi

EMI reduction through transparent metalized dome
Handledare: Johan Nilsson
Biträdande handledare: Johan Gran

Optimization of parameters for improved separation of alpha/beta and breast cancer cells using acoustophoresis
Handledare: Thierry Baasch

Alignment of picture sensor using piezoelectric element
Handledare: Lars Wallman

Hand/wrist force estimation using intra-muscular EMG
Handledare: Alexander Olsson

Permeabilization of virus vector through cell membranes utilizing acustofluidic trapping
Handledare: Stefan Scheding
Bitr. handledare: Thomas Laurell















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