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Ongoing thesis projects

  • Implementing a GUI to analyse and edit decomposed results from high-density surface electrodes
    Handledare: Robin Rohlén
    Biträdande handledare: Jonathan Lundsberg
  • Integration and Evaluation of EEG Systems in Wearable Devices for Depression Treatment: A Comparative Study with Flow Neuroscience
    Handledare: Christian Antfolk
  • A test setup of a surveillance camera from an EMC perspective
    Handledare: Johan Nilsson
    Biträdande handledare: Johan Gran
  • Test Equipment for the LUCAS Chest Compression System: Incorporating Biomechanical Considerations for Future Design Enhancements
    Handledare: Ingrid Svensson
    Biträdande handledare: Joze Tavcar
  • Digital volume correlation of phase contrast-enhanced synchrotron X-ray tomographs of human menisci
    Handledare: Maria Pierantoni
    Biträdande handledare: Lorenzo Grassi, Hanna Isaksson
  • A Phantom Validation Study of Four-Dimensional Flow Measurements with Magnetic Resonance Imaging on Hepatic Blood Distribution
    Handledare: Magnus Cinthio
  • Using phase contrast enhanced synchotron X-ray tomography of human meniscus to determine collagen fiber alignment during in-situ loading
    Biträdande handledare: Hector Dejea
    Handledare: Maria Pierantoni
  • An ML-Ops Pipeline for Clinical Decision Support Applications
    Handledare: Martin Stridh
    Handledare: Frida Sandberg
  • Hand/wrist force estimation using intra-muscular EMG
    Handledare: Alexander Olsson
  • Permeabilization of virus vector through cell membranes utilizing acustofluidic trapping
    Handledare: Stefan Scheding
    Bitr. handledare: Thomas Laurell















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