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Ongoing thesis projects

Predicting sepsis severity using machine learning on proteomics data
Handledare: Christian Antfolk

Improving Particle Tracking Velocimetry script to fit experiment setup with acoustophoresis
Handledare: Thierry Baasch

Implementations and evaluation of machine learning algorithms on MCU
Handledare: Christian Antfolk

Permeabilization of virus vector through cell membranes utilizing acustofluidic trapping
Handledare: Stefan Scheding
Bitr. handledare: Thomas Laurell

FEM baserad undersökning av jonflödens påverkan på aktionspotentialer i nerver under elektrisk stimulering
Handledare: Nebojsa Malesevic

Methods for determining focal point and delay for ultrasound arrays and multi-channel electronics
Handledare: Magnus Cinthio
Biträdande handledare: Tobias Erlöv

FPGA acceleration of sEMG classification
Handledare: Christian Antfolk
Bitr. handledare: Alexander Olsson

Development of a subject specific 3D knee finite element model to estimate the effect of weight loss on cartilage biomechanics
Handledare: Gustavo Orozco

Characterization of the Hand Grasping Using Sensor Fusion
Handledare; Nebojsa Malesevic

Double emulsion project
Handledare: Richard Soller

Acoustic particle separation at high flow rates
Handledare: Thierry Baasch













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