Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Course description

The course provides an in-depth description of how to design and implement digital signal processing algorithms found useful in a wide range of applications. An important purpose of the course is to provide an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of such algorithms. Another important purpose is to shed light on the relationship between theory, as taught in the fundamental course, and its use in various applications.

Contents: Design of digital filters (finite as well as infinite impulse response) and suitable filter structures for implementation, multirate signal processing and its use in filter bank structures, signal decomposition, wavelets, wavelet denoising. Filters requiring a modest amount of computations. Basic understanding of how the algorithms are implemented in hardware with finite word length precision.

The theoretical knowledge about the different building blocks are complemented with applications in speech, medicine, and music, leading the way to methods for audio compression, noise cancellation, signal recognition, and more.

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