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Welcome to the course Neuroengineering (BMEF20)! This course runs in LP3.

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What is Neuroengineering?

Neuroengineering is an interdisciplinary topic that brings together neuroscience and engineering methods to analyse neurological function and to design solutions to problems associated with neurological limitations and dysfunction. 

Dominique MD. What is Neural Engineering? J Neural Eng. 2006;4(4).

The aim of this course is to give a broad overview of neural engineering concepts and principles for recording outgoing and generating ingoing neural signals. The course will give insights into existing and future neural interfaces, neural prostheses and neurorobotics.

The course

The course consists of lectures, labs and exercises which will give students an insight to the world of Neuroengineering!

This includes lectures on for example: Basic neurobiology and neurophysiology, peripheral nerve BCIs, Muscle-Machine Interfaces, Spinal Cord stimulation, Visual Neuroprosthetics. We typically also invite specialist researchers from other universities to give guest lectures on related topics!

Labs include, for example EMG and EEG measurements.

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