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Litterature study

Literature study
While the sensors are fabricated all groups should gather information of their type of sensor as well as discuss with the other groups with that the sensor type. You should research after which principles your sensor works, what it is used for and which parameters are interesting for that kind of sensor. You should also find out what other micro sensors there is for measuring the same parameter as your sensor. You should gather information through several media, for example:

Literature at the department – You can get some material from the department. You may not borrow the books but can make copies of the sections you need.

University library – search the large number of electronic books in the library database, or go to the library and search.
Internet – There is an enormous amount of information on the net, both at research groups and companies. You may start looking at:

Scientific databases online, most scientific articles are found through the university database though some journals are only available through specific web pages:

The literature study should, from the gathered information of articles, books,data sheets etc., result in an overview of the type of sensors that you...

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