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Welcome to the ultrasound group’s web page

Since the days of Helmuth Hertz and Inge Edler the department has on-going research in the ultrasound field ranging from biology and medicine to transducer and ultrasound methodology. Today our research focus on Marine biosonar, Magnetomotive ultrasound imaging, Tissue motion estimation and Ultrasound methodologies for cardiovascular research. 



Interview with Per Augustsson

Acoustic streaming re-discovered after 150 years.Read the interview with Per Augustsson here (Swedish).[more]


Dolphin echolocation much better than man-made devices

Josefin Starkhammar was recently featured the BBC magazine FOCUS (Science and Technology, issue 324) with her exciting research into the echolocation of dolphins. The ultrasound beam that dolphins can emit is more sophisticated...[more]


Josefin Starkhammar is back at the department

After a couple of years in industry and at FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency, Josefin Starkhammar is now back at the department and the Ultrasound group. Her research focus as an Assistant Professor is marine biosonar research...[more]


Swedish Research council funds continued research on dolphin echolocation (ultrasound)

Dolphins use echolocation to find fish, navigate, communicate and avoid obstacles in their habitats. They use this ability in both crystal clear water and in dark and murky water. Josefin Starkhammar has worked with dolphin...[more]


BME staff reviewers at SFR

The Swedish Research Council has assigned Magnus Cinthio and Leif Sörnmo, both researchers at Department of Biomedical Engineering, to be members of the panel reviewing this year's grant applications in the area of biomedical...[more]

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