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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Lab facilities

The Hertz lab clean room facility and microfluidics lab

The Hertz Laboratory at the Dept. Electrical Measurements houses clean room facilities for microchip development. There is also a bioanalytical lab for chip validation and microfluidics investigations, holding confocal microscopy, MALDI masspectrometry, Counter counting, Particle imaging velocimetry, Piezo actuated microdroplet monitoring and microarraying.


Proteomics and nanobitotech application lab at BMC D:13

A  lab for protein analysis and biomedical microfluidics is organised at the Biomedical Centre at Lund University in direct in-door link with the regional university hospital. The lab serves as an application lab for the microchip technology developments performed at the Hertz laboratory and is also the home base for the masspectrometry resource that is curently being installed to perform research on prostate cancer biomarkers. Instrumentation: Thermo Scientific LTQ XL ETD; Thermo Scientific MALDI Orbitrap XL; Thermo Scientific TSQ Vantage; Beckman 3000 Pipette robot; Programmable nanoliter dispenser robot; ISET-workstation for chip integrated proteomics sample preparation.

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