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Functional imaging of bone to improve diagnostics of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

Integrating functional imaging of bone with mechanical modelling of bone strength can improve osteoporosis and osteoarthritis diagnosis as well as fracture risk assessment. Our research explores how this can be accomplised by combining bone imaging techniques, shape templates, statistical shape modelling and finite element analysis.

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Assessment of bone quality during bone healing

The repair of fractures is not always straight forward and can lead to delayed healing and non-unions. Our group researches novel and better methods to assess the repair process. The research involves developing new methods for assessing bone quality with the help of various instruments at synchotron radiation and neutron spallation facilities in Lund and around Europe.

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Understanding bone damage mechanisms

When affected by osteoporosis, bone becomes prone to fractures. Our research aims to comprehend the damage and failure mechanisms in bone on multiple lengthscales, to enable development of sophisticated methods for improving fracture risk assessment in osteoporosis.

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Modelling of stress fractures in long bones

Stress fractures often occur in healthy active men and women, and are difficult to heal. Our research investigates the relationship betwee crack geometry and crack stress distribution, as well as tissue growth and remodelling.


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Modelling of Achilles tendon rupture and repair

Tendons rupture, healing and risk of re-rupture is a complex medical problem. Tendons have both elastic and viscoelastic properties, are transversely isotropic and are able to undergo large deformations. Our research focuses on computational modelling o f the tendon biomechanical properties to better understand the relationship between mechanical function and risk of rupture.

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