Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Group members

The Biomechanics group (in the autumn of 2017).
From left to right: Anna Gustafsson, Sophie Le Cann, Lorenzo Grassi, Joeri Kok, Mikael Turunen,
Hanna Isaksson, Elin Törnquist, Thomas Notermans, Hannicka Sahlstedt.
Missing in the picture: Ingrid Svensson, Ghias Kharmanda, Hanifeh Khayyeri.

Principal Investigators

Hanna Isaksson
Ingrid Svensson

Postdoctoral researchers and fellows

Mikael Turunen
Sophie Le Cann
Lorenzo Grassi

Affiliated researchers

Mohammed Ghias Kharmanda
Hanifeh Khayyeri

PhD candidates

Anna Gustafsson
Thomas Notermans
Joeri Kok
Elin Törnquist

Master students

Isabella Silva Baretto
Adam Urga
Karin Yip
Meral Husein

Project Assistants

Hannicka Sahlstedt

Visiting students

Catrin Rodenberg, Technical University of Munich
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