Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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If you are interested in or have questions about the research group and projects, please contact Hanna Isaksson.

If you have questions about the teaching activities of the group, please contact Ingrid Svensson.

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Visiting Adress at BMC

BMC - Biomedicinskt Centrum
Sölvegatan 19
223 62 Lund

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Postal address at BMC

Department of Biomedical Engineering
BMC - D13
221 84 Lund

Internal post: Hs 66

Visting address at LTH

E-huset, LTH
Ole Römers väg 3
223 63 Lund

Map to E-huset

Postal address at LTH

Lunds University
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Box 118
221 00 Lund

Internal post: Hs 7