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Our Biomechanics group's research is focused on understanding the link between mechanics and biology in the musculoskeletal system. More specifically, our research involves biomechanics, pathologies and repair of skeletal tissues using tissue characterisation methods, imaging and computational simulation techniques. Our research has direct applications in orthopaedics, where clinicians are looking for improved methods or understanding of repair of skeletal tissues, e.g. bone, cartilage and tendons. 

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2019-April: We thank Hannicka Sahlstedt for the great work she has been doing for us and wish her all the best of luck in the future!

2019-February: We thank Leon Hermans, Martina Tognini, and Felix Tong for their time spent with us and wish their the best of luck in their future ventures!

2018-December: We welcome PhD Felix Tong from the University of Eastern Finland. He will be doing hisomorphometrical analysis on the bone-implant interface of PEEK implants.

2018-December: We welcome Leon Hermans from Eindhoven University of Technology. He will be working with Thomas Notermans on improving our numerical models for tendon research.

2018-October: Deepak Raina elegantly defended his PhD thesis titled: "Biomaterials as carriers for bone active molecules-An approach to create off-the-shelf bone substitutes". Opponent was Prof Fergal O Brien, Dublin, Irealand. Congratulations Dr. Raina!

2018-September: Isabella Silva Barreto presented her Master thesis titled "Nano-imaging of mineralization in developing long bones". Congratulations on a very well done project!

2018-September: We welcome Martina Tognini from Politecnico di Milano. She will be doing her masters thesis project on fracture prediction in the proximal femur, a continuation on the previous masters thesis project by Frida Bengtsson.

2018-September: We thank Sophie Le Cann for a wonderful and productive post doc and wish her all the best of luck with her future research at Université Paris-Est Créteil Val de Marne!

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