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Paper in Nature Biotechnology


Agnete Kirkeby and colleagues from Lund University and Copenhagen University, in collaboration
 with engineers Thomas Laurell and Marc Isaksson at LTH, built a stem cell model mimicking early phases
of human brain development.

Modelling neural tube development by differentiation of human embryonic stem cells in a microfluidic WNT gradient. Pedro Rifes, Marc Isaksson, Gaurav Singh Rathore, Patrick Aldrin-Kirk, Oliver Knights Møller, Guido Barzaghi, Julie Lee, Kristoffer Lihme Egerod, Dylan Matthew Rausch, Malin Parmar, Tune H. Pers, Thomas Laurell and Agnete Kirkeby.
Nature Biotechnology 25 May 2020, DOI: 10.1038/s41587-020-0525-0

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