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Medicinsk signalbehandling, BMEN01

2016/2017 VT2


Welcome to this year's course on Biomedical Signal Processing!

* March 20: Two occasions on May 16, please see exercise class.

* March 20: Note that the project deadline has been moved forward until May 15.

* March 23: The list of problems (Exercises page) has been slightly updated.

* March 24: The promised text related to the project is now available. Please note that the text becomes increasingly more advanced, so you may not want to read all (though you are always welcome to do so). 

* April 10: See project description in dropbox for simple detection of heartbeats.

* May 3: Document "BMEN01 Contents.pdf" added.

* The aid allowed on the exam is defined by last year's exam (2016), available in dropbox. The lecture note has unfortunately not been in perfect synch.


Leif Sörnmo
Leif Sörnmo