Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, LTH



Hanna Isaksson recieves funding from Crafoord foundation

The Crafoord foundation decided to reward Dr Hanna Isaksson 300 000 kr for a project aiming to develop new diagnostic imaging modalities as early predictors of late outcome in bone fracture



BME researchers awarded for posters

MSc Ola Jakobsson and Dr Per Augustsson at BME and Dr Kristin Aleklett from the department of Biology were awarded



Dr Augustsson published in Nature Communications

Dr Per Augustsson at BME has developed a new method for separating and analyzing cells based on their unique acoustic



Dr Antfolk was rewarded a scholarship from Hans Werthén foundation

The Hans Werthén foundation has decided to reward Dr Maria Antfolk with a scholarship of 100 000 kr that will be used



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